Working dogs need to maintain their energy, strength and focus over long periods of sustained activity.

Their owners depend on them to efficiently perform at their tasks which include security, pulling sleds, and protecting livestock. Due to their work, these dogs need stronger muscle mass. They are more prone to injuries, infections and joint problems. Many of these specific breeds are also prone to allergies to common dog food ingredients.

JULIUS-K9® Utility Dog Lamb & Herbals is made with lamb, a hypoallergenic meat source which is suitable for dogs allergic to chicken. Lamb is also packed with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals which support muscle development and sustain energy. An additional cocktail of herbs help manage joint inflammation and pain, provide antioxidants and support the digestive tract.

Analytical Composition


Puppy: 30%

Adult: 26%

Senior: 24%

Fats & Oils

Puppy: 16%

Adult: 14%

Senior: 9%

Crude Fiber

Puppy: 6.5%

Adult: 7%

Senior: 7%

Crude Ash

Puppy: 11%

Adult: 10.2%

Senior: 9.5%

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