An increasing number of urban dogs are prone to obesity and its associated health issues. Many dogs now live in apartments and they face fewer opportunities for physical activity compared to their country-side peers. Thus, they require a lean protein diet and a cocktail of herbs that help them ward off hereditary and obesity related health disorders.

JULIUS-K9® City Dog combines the protein from duck with the vitamins and minerals from pear to give your dog the best nutrition for city life. Our grain-free recipe ensures that your dog does not consume fillers such as corn, wheat, rice and soy which add unnecessary calories and make it more difficult to manage your dog's weight.

Analytical Composition


Puppy: 28%

Adult: 25%

Fats & Oils

Puppy: 16%

Adult: 14%

Crude Fiber

Puppy: 8%

Adult: 7%

Crude Ash

Puppy: 8.5%

Adult: 8.5%

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