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Panzipet is a Hungarian pet food and supplies company with 26 years of experience. We are a leading national distributor for several international brands such as Trixie, Animonda, Hagen, Exo Terra, and AquaEl. Our own brands, FitActive and GetWild, are exported to over 30 countries. Our current headquarters is a spacious 3000 sq.m. distribution center that accommodates our core management team and central warehouse. We have over 500 products under our own various brands and distribute through several small and large retail partners such as Fressnapf, Auchan, Tesco, Rossmann, Aldi, OBI and Amazon.

JULIUS-K9® Dog food products are marketed and distributed by Panzipet Kft based in Budapest, Hungary. Panzipet is the official license partner of JULIUS-K9®.

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